How To Recover Deleted Photos Videos Documents On Android 2024

Sudden deletion of photos or videos or anything is a shock to you. There are many reasons behind this happening suddenly. Some of the phone are deleting files or videos that you don’t want and then you don’t know. It happens that if you are using an Android phone and you feel that your phone has become quite slow and you were using an app that makes your phone speed up feel good. and you clicked on an option that will delete a lot of things from your phone’s memory.Or sometimes it happens that a child grabs your phone and the child does not know the mistake.By touching it, he touched an option that all your photos and videos have been deleted from the gallery of your phone.How can I recover all my deleted photos video or anything. See it is very important for you how can I recover my lost memories.

There are your wedding photos or any such documents in your phone which you delete by mistake, now the question arises whether you can recover from it and if you can recover, how?

Restore Via Trash

As you know if you are using Android phone then every phone gallery has an option to delete your photos or videos and they go to your trash folder. Now the name of this option will either be trash or my recycle bin in your phone. You delete your photos or videos from your phone gallery.Photos or videos go in this option. You must also check your trash folder once.Because if your photos have been deleted, the video has been deleted. It is not too late.You should check the trash folder in your phone.Because you have 30 days, within 30 days if you remember or if you delete anything, you have a helper. You can recover all your photos and videos from the recycle bin option.

Recover Via Google Photos

As you know if you use android phone then every phone you have google photo app and if you use your android phone completely then you need an email id if So, you must have opened the Google Photos app first and launched it, that is, if you have selected the option to manage backups or have already used it, then any photo or video in your gallery will be saved. So, it is mandatory to add in Google Photos, so if anything is deleted from your phone, then you must visit Google Photos once.

Open Google Photos App

  • Tap the hamburger menu in the top left corner and select “Backup and sync”.
  • Tap “Manage backup”, then you can tap in the name of your device.
  • Then you can select an existing backup or you can create a new one.
  • Select the photos and videos you want to restore and you can tap “Restore”.

Recover Via App

If you’ve tried all these methods and still haven’t recovered your photos or videos, then you’ll need to turn to a third-party app because if you’ve checked the Recycle Bin, Google Photos and you have tried your best but still not get back your deleted photos or videos. You have to launch this application in your phone from below button. Open this app. After doing whatever it asks you for permission, you have to fire it once, after that its simple interface will open in your phone. There is a simple menu now you will have six types of features here if you want to recover your deleted photos or video or WhatsApp message or memory code data or any other option you want to select. Yes, you can select any one of these options, if you want to recover your deleted photos, then you have to click on the photo option. Loading will start now it will take 100 percent seconds until these seconds are complete then you have to wait and see how many of your photos or videos are being recovered now as soon as the processing is complete. After a few seconds, you have to pull out the photo or video that you want to view back in the gallery.

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