How To Record WhatsApp Audio Video Calls 2023

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and widely downloaded messaging, voice and video calling applications. have become There are so many features within WhatsApp that everyone uses WhatsApp and it is evolving into an all-in-one solution for all messaging needs including video calls as well as file sharing. You can send large files to anyone, groups include chat, many groups are created and a lot of work is done from the group. This article will show you the best way and guide you very well here to make WhatsApp calls using Android as well as iOS phones in the most efficient way if you WhatsApp calls. How can you record if you want to record?

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most famous and most used and most viewed applications, from WhatsApp you can make audio calls, send messages, make video calls. The app is evolving into a one-stop solution for all your needs, whatever your needs. It doesn’t matter if you want to send email to your friends or any work up, call them or video call or video chat with them, any work. You all know that WhatsApp allows all these options when you are in contact with each other. What WhatsApp app does not allow is the ability to record voice calls as well as video calls, which is not within WhatsApp which people demand the most. However, you don’t need to worry and you don’t have to worry about this because there are several alternatives and third-party apps to do this, using which you can easily track your WhatsApp calls. You can record your audio college video call. In this article, you will be well informed here. We are going to provide you the best options to record WhatsApp audio as well as video calls using your Android as well as iOS devices if you use an iPhone, just stay with us till the end. Is . So, now to avoid delay, let’s begin.

Record WhatsApp Calls on Android

Recording WhatsApp Voice Calls Recording WhatsApp voice calls is relatively easy with Android. You can easily record WhatsApp calls. Call Recorder Cube ACR is an application that is used by many users that allows users to record calls whether it is an audio call or a video call. But, it is important to know and you should also know this thing so that you don’t get disappointed later that the application is not compatible with all phones, some phones are of very low version. It is recommended that you visit their support page where you are given all the information to determine whether your device is compatible with the application or not. Will be told about. You can use this link to easily find out if your device supports the application or not because there are some phones in which this application does not work. If it is in the list then for your Android phone if you want to record your WhatsApp calls then follow these steps to record WhatsApp voice calls:

  • Download the Cube Call application. You will find the app easily from Play Store
  • When you make a WhatsApp voice call, a cube call widget will be available when you are talking to someone.
  • If not, you can open your cube call recorder setting ie if your WhatsApp calls are not recording then you can choose to force VoIP call as voice call so that you can easily Call can be recorded.
  • Try Calling Again You have to call WhatsApp again and check if the widget is displayed or not and see if your call is being recorded or not. If it keeps giving you an error message and your WhatsApp call is not being recorded, it means that your phone is not compatible with this application then your WhatsApp call is not being recorded.

Record WhatsApp calls on iPhone.

When it comes to recording WhatsApp calls on iPhone, recording WhatsApp voice calls with iPhone is not an easy task. would have been There is no such specific application nor have you seen such an application yet which records iPhone WhatsApp calls. which allows you to record WhatsApp voice calls with ease.

  • Make sure and you should also know that you connect your iPhone to the Mac using a power cable that is a power cable. Select the ‘Trust this computer’ option on your iPhone to trust this computer.
  • Open QuickTime application on Mac device means you have to open this application on Mac device. Now you have to select the file and choose New Audio Recording option.
  • Alternatively, select iPhone because you want to record WhatsApp calls. Then press the Record button inside QuickTime. Doing so will help you a lot in recording your WhatsApp calls
  • Now on iPhone you can make WhatsApp calls on your mobile by doing this you can easily record WhatsApp calls because you were quite worried about this issue on iPhone. After you’re connected,
  • select the Add users icon for the users you want to record the upcall.Then, call the person whomever you want to record the call of whomever you want to record the audio, you can easily record the call and it will be like this, and then start talking to them. Now all your calls will be recorded. After that, hang up the call and end the recording you started recording. Recording within QuickTime. Save the recording in your Mac that you have recorded call up Save this call and then your WhatsApp voice call will be recorded and then you can record WhatsApp call on iPhone.

Record WhatsApp video calls

Although there is no official option to record WhatsApp video calls and anyway there is no app within WhatsApp or within any app to record WhatsApp video calls for Android smartphones. If you allow it, you can record the audio call but there is no video call application yet but there is always a solution. If you want to record WhatsApp video calls then you can use screen record here screen record Now every phone has a feature you can go there and click to start screen recording if you want If you want to record WhatsApp video call content then you can use video screen recorder application for your android smartphone screen to record WhatsApp video calls easily.


The number of users of WhatsApp has increased and nowadays no one can live without WhatsApp. There are many features inside WhatsApp, but WhatsApp does not allow you to share audio on WhatsApp. can record video call. But here every good method has been shared from you how you can record WhatsApp calls whether it is your WhatsApp audio call or your video call. Both calls can be easily recorded.

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