How to Make Money on TikTok in 2024


The explosive popularity of TikTok has led to the platform and its users innovating various strategies to monetize their presence. This article will guide you through the multifaceted ways of generating income on TikTok, from brand collaborations to the TikTok Creator Fund.

Overview: Six Methods to Earn Money on TikTok

Partner with brands for sponsored content

Sell your personal products

Use crowdfunding to collect donations from fans

Accept tips from your followers

Join the TikTok Creator Fund

Grow your audience

Collaborating with Brands for Sponsored Content

Brand-sponsored content is on the rise on TikTok. This method involves brands and creators collaborating to feature products or services in the creator’s videos in return for a fee. In 2021, 68% of marketers incorporated TikTok into their influencer marketing strategy. As a creator, reaching out to brands can be a lucrative move.

To start with sponsored content, identify and align with brands that resonate with your niche and values. This not only strengthens your audience’s trust but also enhances engagement on your sponsored posts.

For a more personal working relationship, think about beginning with smaller companies or artists. The TikTok Creator Marketplace (TCM) is also a valuable platform that allows brands and creators to connect and run marketing campaigns together.

Selling Your Personal Products

If you have an existing product line or planning to launch one, TikTok can be an excellent platform for promotion. American, Canadian, or British creators. with a TikTok for Business account can add a shopping tab and product links to their profile.

Brands like Youth to the People and Glow Recipe have successfully utilized the Shop tab feature, showcasing their products for purchase through the app.

Unfortunately, only the United States currently has access to this feature. and U.K., which businesses outside these regions should consider.

Utilizing Crowdfunding for Fan Donations

For creators looking to fund a specific project such as a start-up idea or aspiring to become a full-time creator, crowdfunding provides a viable solution. Some popular crowdfunding platforms include Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdfunder, Mighty Cause, and Patreon.

An example of successful crowdfunding on TikTok is the Kickstarter campaign for Antur Supply Co, which reached its goal of almost $35,000 just 9.5 hours after going live.

Accepting Tips from Your Audience

If they don’t have a specific project to sponsor, they might think about accepting donations through tipping platforms. Platforms like Tipeee, Buy Me a Coffee, and Ko-fi are great options for this purpose.

Joining the TikTok Creator Fund

The TikTok Creator Fund is a straightforward method for creators to earn money through the app. The fund shares revenue with creators based on factors such as views, video engagement, and even region-specific performance.

To join the TikTok Creator Fund, creators must meet certain eligibility requirements such as being at least 18 years old, having a Pro account, having at least 10,000 followers, and having received at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days.

Strategies for Growing Your Audience on TikTok

To start making money on TikTok, you’ll need to grow and engage your audience. Here are some guidelines to assist you in doing this:

Post consistently: Regular content keeps you at the forefront of your followers’ minds, adds value to your content in the eyes of TikTok’s algorithm, and gives you more opportunities to go viral and expand your audience.

Be authentic: Authenticity is a common trait among the most popular TikTokers.

Engage actively with your followers: TikTok offers various ways to interact with your audience� from stitches to video replies.

Avoid excessive promotional content: Balance your content with a mix of promotional and non-promotional material to maintain audience engagement and interest.

The Significance of Adding Value for Your Readers

Regardless of the size of your following, providing value to your audience is key to successful monetization. Even micro-influencers are sought after by small businesses and niche brands due to their targeted and engaged audience base.

Authenticity: The Key to Successful Monetization

For business owners, authenticity is the best path to success in making money on TikTok. From being transparent about the behind-the-scenes of your business to consistently engaging with followers, there are numerous ways to grow your account and gain your audience’s trust.


TikTok has provided an innovative platform for creators and businesses to generate income. Leveraging sponsored content, selling personal products, utilizing crowdfunding, accepting tips, and joining the TikTok Creator Fund are just a few of the ways to earn money on this rapidly growing platform. However, the key to successful monetization lies in creating valuable, authentic content and fostering a genuine connection with your audience.

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