Best Online Jobs That Pay Daily or Weekly (Earn $100 to $1k)

‍Are you in urgent need of quick and easy money-making ideas? Look no further! In this article, we will explore a list of online jobs that pay daily or weekly, allowing you to earn anywhere from $100 to $1,000. These jobs are not only legitimate but also free to join, ensuring that you can start earning right away. With minimal time and effort required, these jobs can serve as an excellent source of additional income. Whether you’re looking to make some extra cash or want to supplement your existing income, these online jobs are worth considering.

Requirements for Online Jobs:

Before we dive into the list of online jobs that pay daily or weekly, let’s go over some basic requirements. To get started, you’ll need the following:

A computer and a reliable internet connection.

Basic knowledge of computers.

A PayPal account to receive payments (as most companies pay through PayPal).

Now that you have the necessary prerequisites in place, let’s explore the websites that offer online jobs with daily or weekly payments.

Smartphone Apps:


Ibotta is a popular free app that allows you to earn cashback when shopping online or at your favorite grocery stores. Signing up with Ibotta instantly earns you $5, and you can withdraw your earnings once you reach $10. Payments are made through PayPal and Venmo.

Coin Pop

Coin Pop is a mobile app that rewards you for downloading and playing other mobile games and apps. You can earn money through gift cards and PayPal, with a minimum payout threshold of just $0.50. If you’re interested in learning more about this app, check out my Coin Pop Review.


Similar to Coin Pop, AppBounty is a mobile app that rewards you with points for downloading and using various mobile apps and games. Gift cards can then be obtained by exchanging these points. AppBounty is an excellent way to earn some extra cash in your spare time. To learn more, read my AppBounty review.


If you’re looking for a flexible way to make money, consider becoming a Lyft driver. With Lyft, you can earn up to $35 per hour by sharing rides with those in need. While this job requires you to go outside, it’s a great option for making quick cash. Direct deposit is used to make weekly payments.

Mini Jobs Sites:


MindsPay is a reputable company that pays up to $50 for completing paid offers and $0.50 for reading emails. If you enjoy taking surveys and sharing your opinions, MindsPay is an ideal platform for you. This company pays out millions of dollars to its users every month and has gained the trust of hundreds of thousands of people. Payments are made through PayPal on the 1st and 15th of each month.


RemoTasks is a micro job site where you can earn money by performing simple tasks like categorizing images, labeling T-shirts, and content moderation. You can make up to $2 or more per hour, depending on the tasks you choose. Payments are processed via PayPal. If you want to learn more about this site, check out my RemoTasks Review.


Clickworker is a popular micro worker site that pays users for completing small online tasks such as internet research, watching videos, and signing up for websites. Payments are made weekly and require a PayPal account.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, also known as Amazon mTurk, is another platform where you can get paid for completing small tasks. Since it is operated by the reputable e-commerce giant Amazon, you can trust its legitimacy. Payments are made weekly via Amazon Payments, gift cards, or PayPal.

Survey Sites:


Swagbucks is a trusted website that offers multiple ways to earn money, including taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and cashback for online shopping. Upon joining Swagbucks for free, you’ll receive a $5 signup bonus. You can redeem your earnings as cash on PayPal or opt for vouchers and gift cards.


InboxDollars is another reliable platform that has paid millions of dollars to its members. By completing small tasks such as signing up for websites, watching videos, and checking emails, you can earn money. This site is similar to Swagbucks and can help you make some extra cash.


In conclusion, online jobs that pay daily or weekly can be a great way to earn quick money and meet your immediate financial needs. The websites mentioned in this article provide legitimate opportunities for earning extra income. Whether you prefer smartphone apps, micro job sites, or survey sites, there are plenty of options to choose from. Remember to bookmark this article for future reference and stay updated on new opportunities. Please leave a remark below if you need any help or if you have any questions. Start exploring these online job opportunities today and begin earning money from the comfort of your own home!

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